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Avoiding Single-Use Plastic Was Becoming Normal, Until Coronavirus. Here's How We Can Return To Good Habits

The good news is we can return to our plastic-avoiding habits. It just might look a little a different.


Are Reusables Still Safe To Use? These Scientists Say Yes

Nearly 130 scientists, academics and doctors from 19 countries signed a statement to reassure retailers and consumers that reusable and refillable items can still be used safely during the pandemic, as long as proper basic hygiene is employed.

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6 Zero Waste Instagrammers To Inspire You

These online legends are our go to for waste free living advice.


There Are Some Single-use Plastics We Truly Need. The Rest We Can Live Without

Most of us will get along just fine without throwaway plastic in our daily lives. But there are nevertheless many legitimate applications for single-use plastics.


Choosing the Right Water Bottle for the Planet

Water is a necessity for every one of us, but the way we choose to drink it isn't always the best option for our environment.


Reprocessing Waste: GreenBatch's Solution To Single-Use Plastic

With Australia’s recycling industry in desperate need of waste solutions, initiatives such as GreenBatch’s plastic bottle reprocessing facility will go a long way.


Can A Café Legally Refuse My Keep Cup?

Every now and then you might have a café refuse your cup; here are the most commons reasons why, and how to refute them.


What I Learned From Failing Plastic Free July

and how I got my plastic-free mojo back.


The Tricks I Used To Change My Plastic Habits

Guest Writer Erin Rhoads