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How A Small Japanese Community Embraced Change To Reach Its Zero Waste Goals

This community rallied together, replacing their incinerators and landfill “hole” with an amazing system of reducing, reusing, recycling and composting!


The Proof That Climate Change Is Here

The link between the current weather events and climate change is strong and undeniable. Global temperatures are on the rise and setting more and more high temperature records.


How To: Traditional Boro Clothes Mending

Traditional Japanese boro cloths have a beauty like no other. Each cloth tells a unique story of its journey through life with patches carefully sewed on and reinforced with stitching, often over generations of a single family.


These incredible bacteria eat plastic, but they’re not quite the end to our rubbish woes

Amazing discovery in Japan doesn't mean that we can just forget about doing our bit to reduce plastic consumption


Forget glass, plastic and paper: This town in Japan separates its rubbish into 34 categories!

Japan’s tiny town of Kamikatsu is home to just 1,700 residents. Despite its small size, the village is making a big difference when it comes to waste reduction.


How Japanese philosophies can teach you about cleaning up and reducing waste

A Japanese Guide to the Four Rs: Reduce, reuse, recycle and respect


Japan cools down with snow in summer

Turning snow into clean energy