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Interview With Journalist And Author Lucy Siegle

Fashion, climate and communication.


Ditch the steak and sausages for No Meat May

Changing your diet can seem like a daunting experience and many people aren’t sure where to start, so No Meat May is the perfect opportunity to test it out !


This artist turns climate data into works of art

We catch up with the incredible Jill Pelto to talk about her awesome climate change artworks


Artist creates beautiful sculptures inspired by the ugly issues of climate change

“I hope that more artists become inspired by these subjects and start to tackle the huge topics that are out there.”


[Interview] Nancy Easton, Co-Founder/Executive Director​ of Wellness in the Schools, on healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools

Athlete, teacher, Food Revolution Hero, Executive Director, mother and New Yorker Nancy Easton chats to us about her incredible career


The Warrior Project: Children’s faces capture hopes and fears for the future of the planet

Through her photography, Tailinh Agoyo captures the vibrancy and strength of Native American people today.


Clever illustrations show the link between everyday habits and climate change

“We always blame big corporations, huge factories and so on but we often forget that we are the ones that consume their goods and are the reason why they exist.”