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5 big ideas: how Australia can tackle climate change while restoring nature, culture and communities

we already have solutions based in restoring nature and Country. In fact, nature-based solutions can deliver one third of promised global cuts in emissions.


What climate change activists can learn from First Nations campaigns against the fossil fuel industry

It is time to revisit successful First Nations campaigns against the fossil fuel industry. Like the current fight to avert a climate catastrophe, these battles are good, old-fashioned, come-from-behind, David-versus-Goliath examples we can all learn from.


Indigenous knowledge and the persistence of the ‘wilderness’ myth

Aboriginal people in Australia view wilderness, or what is called “wild country”, as sick land that’s been neglected and not cared for. This is the opposite of the romantic understanding of wilderness as pristine and healthy – a view which underpins much non-Indigenous conservation effort.


Indigenous Weather Knowledge: What We Can learn From Listening To The Land

In most parts of the world there aren't just 4 seasons. Some parts experience two seasons - wet and dry, some have a more intricate 6-season cycle. Indigenous weather knowledge is key to understanding what seasons there actually are and what to expect in them.


This Grandmother Tree Connects Me To Country. I Cried When I Saw Her Burned

The intricate network of kinship between humans and the non-human needs to be restored to help heal Country and protect it into the future.


Respecting Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge

The indigenous people of the world possess an immense traditional knowledge of their environments, passed on from generation to generation and are key in creating sustainable solutions to development challenges, such as those we are facing due to climate change.​​


Beyond bush tucker: 7 things we can learn from Indigenous Australians

Aboriginal Australia celebrated over 60,000 years of caring for the planet. Here are 7 ways Aboriginal knowledge can help us live a low-carbon life.


​Native American Tribe Speaks Out About Climate Change

"The Earth is speaking, but man won't listen"