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Yes, the state of the environment is grim, but you can make a difference, right in your own neighbourhood

Here are five things we can think about to improve the state of our city environments, close to home and in our own neighbourhoods!


Autumn Gardening: 20 plants to grow in your garden now

We are coming into autumn here in Australia and the southern hemisphere so it is getting a little cooler out there in the garden. Here's a guide for plants that thrive in cooler environments and are best planted right now in autumn!


How seed saving benefits you, your community, and the planet!

While we’ve all heard about the benefits of growing your own food, seed saving is a lesser known practice that has the power to revolutionise your garden's potential!


These 3 tips will help you create a thriving pollinator-friendly garden this winter

Create a thriving pollinator-friendly garden this winter


Regenerative Agriculture Methods You Can Use In Your Own Garden

Regenerative agriculture is one of those things that when you read up about it you think, this makes so much sense!


How To Grow Your Own Food When You Live In A Small Space

Everyone should be able to experience the joy of eating something that we’ve grown ourselves!


20 Plants To Grow In Your Veggie Patch This Autumn

It's the perfect time to get your hands dirty in the garden!

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Fertile Ground: What You Need To Know About Soil To Keep Your Garden Healthy

Soil is much more than dirt that sticks stubbornly to your hands and shoes. Here's what you need to know.

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The Science Is In: Gardening Is Good For You

“Therapeutic horticulture” and “horticultural therapy” have become recognised treatments for stress and depression.