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The case for compost: why recycling food waste is so much better than sending it to landfill

Most food and garden waste in Australia comes from homes. Imagine if we could recycling all that food waste into high-quality compost? it's a win-win solution!


Do you toss biodegradable plastic in the compost bin? Here’s why it might not break down

“Biodegradable” plastic is often touted as an environmentally friendly alternative. But depending on the type of plastic, this label can be very misleading and can lead environmentally conscious consumers astray.


How To Get Your School Canteen To Go Zero Waste

A list of tips from two school canteen managers who have transitioned their canteens to being zero waste!


Towards A New Agriculture, A New Earth

What pesticides are doing to our soil, our insects and us, and what we can do to help.


How To Make Sustainable Garden Beds

With the earth warming, and weather patterns becoming harsher, drought and water scarcity are becoming a fact of life for many people across the globe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden, you just have to get smart about using your resources!


Creating a planet-strong home – Tips for renting sustainably.

Many of us dream of living off the grid, drinking from fresh water springs and foraging wild plants from our own backyard. For people who rent, it’s a dream that probably seems too far-fetched to become a reality – but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Taking out the trash: Woman launches start up to deal with organic waste

One Australian woman is tackling organic waste and landfill head on with her great sustainable startup.


[DIY] Your ultimate guide to composting!

How to compost: your questions on the add-as-you-go method!