My Nana Says

1 Million Women want to know what your Nana says when it comes to reducing food waste

My Nana Says is 1 Million Women’s latest national campaign, being launched to encourage young women to reduce how much food they waste by sharing tips that have come from their groovy grannies, In Australia, every one in five shopping bags of food gets wasted. That’s about four million tonnes of perfectly good food going to waste each year. This would have been unheard of when our Nanas were girls. Reducing food waste can have an estimated CO2 saving of 100Kg per household, per year! It’s such an easy step towards shrinking our carbon footprint.

The Competition

We’re asking people to send in a tip and/or a pic of them and their Nana (or the special wise lady).

How do I enter?

What are the prizes?

5 winning pictures or tips will be selected. The winners will have a special day of pampering with their Nana (or the special wise lady in your life) including a styled photo shoot with renowned photographer Andreas Smetana. We will pay for winners who live outside of Sydney to attend.

Our Judges

Competition entries will be judged by Margaret Fulton, her granddaughter Louise Fulton Keats and Good Food Editor Joanna Savill.

Our Ambassadors

Melanie Vallejo

“My Mum says to grow your own herbs." – Melanie Vallejo, Actor

From big backyards to tiny apartments, seedlings are cheap to buy and easy to grow with huge rewards - fresh herbs at your fingertips with no waste!

Caitlin Stacey

“My Grandma says to buy meat and seasonal veggies on special in bulk.” - Caitlin Stasey, Actor.

Cook in large amounts and freeze in single serves (or family size) in oven proof/microwave safe containers e.g. soups, stews, spaghetti bolognese, and ratatouille!

Anna Rose

"My Nana says to grow your own vegetables." Anna Rose, author, activist and environmentalist.

All my life I've had a garden to grow vegetables, and it's something I've passed on to my children and grandchildren. It's healthier, means less energy is wasted transporting food, and the kids like playing in the garden." – Anna Rose’s Nanna.

Lola Berry

“My Nan says to trust your intuition, it always knows best, in love, food and life.” Lola Berry

Try to use all the parts of the vegetable. The broccoli stalks and leaves taste great in minestrone soup, I now always do this. Lola even did some research-the broccoli leaves contain loads of nutrients!

Margaret Fulton and Louise Fulton Keats

“Wasting food didn’t occur to us when we were growing up. We were never too precious about what we ate. I cooked a cauliflower with little bugs in it once…I said that’s all right… it’s just a bit of protein!” Margaret Fulton

“Grandma always taught me no matter what’s in the house you can always make puttanesca pasta which is so simple its just tomato and garlic and capers and olives and it’s a fabulous meal.” Louise Fulton Keats

Justine Schofield

"Meme would be the master of leftovers. She also would never throw away anything."-  Justine Schofield

"Meme would be the master of leftovers. She also would never throw anything. From using vegetables peels to make stocks to older root vegetables & secondary meat cuts to form beautiful family stews."

Rebecca Sullivan

"My favourite nana tip is to take any leftover herbs and pick them then put them into ice cube trays and top the tray up with olive oil."-  Rebecca Sullivan

My Nan's cupboard is always like old mother hubard. Bare. Yet every single time you go to her home there seems to be a feast fit for four generations of kings. She uses everything. My favourite nana tip is to take any leftover herbs and pick them then put them into ice cube trays and top the tray up with olive oil.  Then when your ready to cook something just pop out a cube of oil and it has some lovely herbs in it too.

Joanna Savill

"Almost any veg lurking in the crisper can be turned into soup or a yummy potato-, rice- or corn-based fritter. If it's really bad, the worms will love it, of course." - Joanna Savill


Join us in taking practical action on dangerous climate change through the way that we live, the choices we make and the way we spend our money.

Check out the EPA's Love Food Hate Waste for more great tips on reducing food waste: LOVE FOOD HATE