Women Power

It's time to take our power into our own hands.

Through our Women Power campaign, we're taking charge of our home energy and making the switch to renewables. Are you with us?

We're bringing you everything we can on renewable energy, energy efficiency and community programs to help our planet. Here is our first project.

If you live in NSW, our pick for climate-strong energy is our new Energy partner Enova Community Energy.

Why do we love them?

  • Enova is driven by purpose, not profits
  • It's started by the community for our communities
  • Enova is creating local renewable energy systems for a healthier planet!

Make the switch.

Making the switch only takes 5 minutes! Simply enter the following promo code when you sign up online: 1MWlaunch

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Or to learn more, fill in the form below and a lovely team member from Enova will be in touch with you.

And if you make the switch, Enova will contribute to 1 Million Women to help us build our movement and empower millions of women and girls to act on the climate emergency. That means every time you switch on a light or do a load of washing, you'll be supporting women-led climate action! And as an added bonus, you'll get a $25 credit on your next Enova bill (for a limited time only!)

Our starting goal is to have 200 households make the switch. Will your household be one of them?

Enova is Australia's first Social Enterprise community-owned power company. Whether you have solar panels or not, join Enova and start getting your energy from a local company committed to climate action instead of the big electricity companies that are fueling climate change.

Enova is committed to a 100% renewable energy future and half of their profits go back into incredible initiatives to help curb climate change (including 1 Million Women!). And soon they'll be available across the whole of QLD and VIC so be sure to request a callback for more info.

Make the switch and you will be on your way to supporting and growing the renewable energy industry and our big, beautiful, carbon free future

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Live outside of Australia and want to recommend a renewable energy provider near you? Email us at enquiries@1millionwomen.com.au

Check out our Women Power pilot project here.