Start a local Group

Want to start your own 1 Million Women group of low carbon living? Whether it's women in your local community, your street or just your girlfriends anywhere.

We are building a movement. The more women and girls we can empower, the more carbon pollution we can cut, the louder our voice becomes and the more impact we will have.

How we live, the choices we make and what we do with every dollar we spend directly affects the planet, the climate and our future generations.

Whether it's setting up a community garden or a sharing a simple cup of to tea to talk about climate change (this is exactly how 1 Million Women began), your group can be a social occasion, where ideas, tips and challenges of low-carbon living are shared and inspired.

We are currently updating our groups section on the website so it is bigger and better.

So email us at to be put on our mailing list and we'll let you know when it's ready.


  • You can create your own local Group here. Just take the Carbon Challenge if you havent done already and you can access this from your dashboard.

A million thanks to the NSW Environment Trust who are funding this pilot program. We cannot thank them enough for all the support they give to 1 Million Women.

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