Words with heart: Stationery that does good

The following is a guest post by Lauren Shuttleworth from Words With Heart.

Paper. It’s the little-talked about, but big-time contributor to climate change. In fact, the pulp and paper industry is the world’s fourth largest industrial user of energy, and a significant emitter of greenhouse gases. In Australia, we produce and use a lot of it – more than three quarters of our commercially cut timber ends up as pulp and paper. And while some of this comes from managed plantations, a sizeable amount comes from our old growth native forests.

We have to get serious about our paper choices – and as women, we decide about 85% of household purchases. There are some

things we can cut out altogether – takeaway coffee cups, unnecessary packaging, throw-away party plates. But there are other things we can’t – like stationery. And that’s where I’m trying to do things differently.

This month, I’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign as part of the ING Dreamstarter initiative for a new social enterprise called Words With Heart. It’s a stationery brand that creates beautiful, quality, affordable stationery products, but made with the most environmentally responsible methods possible. We’ve used 100% post consumer recycled paper, vegie-based inks, begin press chemicals and even solar power to produce our launch collection of notebooks and journals. Compared to a ton of virgin wood pulp paper, our pages use 63% less energy, 82% less solid waste and 58% less water, and save 21 trees!

In addition, because I want Words With Heart’s stationery to be as impactful as possible, 50% of the net profits will be donated to charities working women’s and girls’ education. I’ve also ensured our notebook covers are used to promote empowering messages of equality and positive change.

I’ve got 7 days left to raise the minimum $15,000 target needed to print the first bulk run of stationery products. I’ve had some incredible support so far, but still need about $5,000 in stationery pre-sales to get there. If it doesn’t happen, sadly Words With Heart can’t go ahead. I know, being a member of 1 Million Women myself, that there are many Australian women passionate about making better choices to fight climate change. As a community we have the collective power to create the change we want to see, and if just 100 more people pledged to buy stationery, Words With Heart can become a reality. Will you help me?

You can go to to pre-buy our eco-friendly stationery and to find more information. We are also currently running a competition giveway to support the campaign, with a prize pack of eco and ethical goods worth nearly $900. Entry details are on our Facebook page –

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