Will Tony Abbott be getting a solar surprise this Christmas?

Earlier this year 1 Million Women Shared the idea of the solar lodge (which you can read about here ), so we were pretty excited to read that Kirribilli House in Sydney is getting a solar surprise this Christmas from a group of local Sydney church leaders. While most of us expected the Prime Minister would find a lump of coal under his Christmas tree this year (and hey, lets be honest he'd probably be happy about it), a group of local Sydney church leaders called Common Grace organised that 12 PV panels be delivered to Prime Minister Abbott last week to be installed at Kirribilli House. The Australian Solar Council has offered to install the panels free of charge!

The solar system itself was crowd-funded in just four days, through in an initiative led by Common Grace. “With your help," the fundraiser read, 'the PM won't get coal from Santa this Christmas – he'll get solar panels from priests.' 'The solar panels are a gift for the nation, from the nation, to symbolise public support for a clean energy future,' said Rev. Dr Michael Frost, vice principal of Morling College and Founder of Small Boat Big Sea. 'Nine in 10 Australians support a strong Renewable
- Renew Economy

The group has said if the solar panels are refused they will be installed at the Davidson Brigade of the Rural Fire Service, of which Abbott is a member and volunteer.

"Firefighters are on the front line of climate change, fighting increasingly frequent and intense bushfires. It'd be a small way we can say thank-you for what they do," said a statement from the group.

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