Will the 'Flat White Economy' save the world?

I am a big time member of the Flat White Economy. What is that you may ask?

Named after the coffee of choice for the media, digital and internet workers of today - it's one of the western world's biggest, booming economies. You may also know the people who thrive in this economy as uni-cycle riding, beard sporting, beset with thick-framed glasses, tattoo covered Hipsters.

A recent Guardian article entitled, Can Hipsters Save the World references a book by economist Douglas McWilliams which explains:

"Hipsters, and the ecosystem surrounding them, represent the future of British prosperity. Not only are they greener and more ethical than the rest of us, but the industries in which they work are driving our economy. We mock them at our peril."

Let's take a look at the green and ethical pursuits a hipster lifestyle embraces.

1. Look like a Hipster

Looking like a hipster is all about giving second-hand clothing a new life. It can mean altering something old to make it new again or just embracing a good find from a thrift-shop.

Hipsters are also about embracing sustainable brands and will do a lot of research on products before purchasing... even if it's only because they want to brag about it later.

2. Get around like Hipster

Hipsters are very concious of the effects cars have on the environment and will always opt to take public transport, or take the ever popular refurbished, vintage bike for a ride.

Did you know that by going completly car free you can save 332kg per month of C02 pollution? Hipsters know.

3. Eat like a Hipster

Hipsters will ALWAYS read labels. They get very excited to find something that is certified organic and all natural. As much as possible Hipsters will grow their own food and support their local farmer's market - instagraming every morsel along the way.

Many Hipsters are also vegans or at least vegetarians, knowing that raising animals to eat produces more greenhouse gasses (via methane and nitrous oxide) than all of the carbon dioxide excreted by automobiles, boats, planes and trains in the world combined.

4. Advocate like a Hipster

The non-for-profit industry is booming with hipsters, working to spread the message of a greener world the best way they know how - online. With 845+ million on Facebook alone, this is a great way to get the world's attention. In fact, I think writing and social media marketing are probably the most important jobs in the world... and yes, I may be a little biased.

You'll also often find Hipsters on the street with petitions against fossil fuels and running rallies to advocate support for those in the need.

So Hipsters maybe the butt of a lot of jokes, but will the world still be laughing when they save the world?Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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