When life gives you mushy bananas, make "ice cream"

I hate seeing bananas go to waste after they're too ripe to eat, so here's the perfect way to use them up.

Next time you have some bruised, spotted bananas hanging around, don't just chuck them away!

Food waste is a massive issue, so designing recipes that use up food that would otherwise be thrown away is a great way to do something for the planet AND get a yummy treat!

One-ingredient banana "ice cream"

You will need:

Bananas (I used 3, which gave me 2-3 servings)

A blender!

What to do:

Take your overripe, less-than-perfect bananas and peel them. Chop roughly and place in a sealed container.

Freeze overnight.

Now grab your blender (mine is a pretty cheap one that has simple "chop" and "grind" settings)

You'll want to blend the frozen banana until it's fluffy, like ice cream! It shouldn't be as liquid-y as a smoothie, though!

Put the blended banana pulp back into the container and smooth the mixture together. It should really look like ice cream!

Place the sealed container back in the freezer for 30-60 mins to set completely. TOP TIP: Place the container in a (reusable) plastic bag to keep the mixture from going hard.

When you're ready to serve, scoop out the mixture and either eat plain or with your favourite ice-cream toppings!

Do you have an awesome recipe to share with us? Get in touch at or via the comments below!

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Images: Shutterstock and Steph Newman

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