​What can I do with old mascara brushes?

1. Easy grooming for eyebrows etc.

Clean and sterilise and old mascara wand with some boiling water, dry, then use for keeping your eyebrows neat and orderly, whisk away flyaway hairs, and even give to a male friend for the purposes of beard and moustache grooming!

2. Use as a mini cleaning brush

If you're a clean freak like me, you've probably faced the frustration of trying to clean around a tap, between tiles or in a tight spot. Tiny mascara brush to the rescue! Use vinegar or bi-carb soda with a little water to spot-treat the area, then get scrubbing with your handy wand (alternatively, upcycle an old toothbrush!)

You can also de-gunk around taps, inside spouts and pipes, and around the edges of your mirror.

3. Dust and clean jewellery

My mum lovingly cleans her anniversary ring at least once a month, but often specks of dirt can become stuck between folds in the metal and around the edges of stones, so a little brush such as a mascara wand goes down a treat for helping to maintain the rings' shine and sparkle.

For chain necklaces, a wand's bristles help to remove dust in no time, and can instantly transform a thrift shop piece into a sparkling addition to your outfit.

4. Unclog your drain

My long hair is ALWAYS becoming stuck in the shower drain, but a mascara wand is just the right size to de-clog and remove offending strands. Plus, the tough bristles help to catch any hard-to-reach hairs stuck down there.

5. Cleaning out small bottles and containers

I love upcycling old perfume bottles into tiny vases and planters, but the narrow necks makes them tricky to clean. A mascara wand provides the perfect solution! Also brilliant for cleaning teapot spouts, inside cheese graters, sippy cups, garlic crushers and other implements with small openings.

6. Exfoliate your lips

What are your great ideas for reusing an old mascara brush? Let us know in the comments below!

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Images: Pixabay

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