What are your sustainability questions you’d like us to answer?

Have a DIY you want us to try? Know an artist that we should profile? Have a question? We're listening!

Here at 1 Million Women, we're always keeping our ear to the ground to find out what our community wants to know about.

In the past, we've answered your requests to investigate the benefits of buying organic produce…

Above: The Milkwood team creating a bean banjo to provide shade and habitat for useful animals.

The benefits of following a plant-based diet (ie. Cutting out the meat!)….

So, what would you like us to look at next? Is there a trend in food or fashion you'd like us to investigate? A new product that claims to be "green" but you suspect isn't legitimately sustainable?

We will attempt to answer your queries, comments and concerns through our connections to scientists, gardeners, farmers and experts.

Leave your comments below, or email us at or get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook.

xx The 1 Million Women Team

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