[Watch] Incredible poem reveals the impacts of climate change

Eunice Andrada wants you to listen to what she has to say about climate change.

The poet, performance artist, and journalist based in Sydney is passionate about inspiring action on climate change.

Her work in journalism has been featured on SBS, New Matilda, and elsewhere, while her poetry has reached the Sydney Opera House, The Banff Centre, and the interactive graphic novel ParraNormal (winner of IEBPN's Global Best Award 2014), amongst others.

Watch her video below on the devastating effects of climate change on the ocean and on island nations like the Philippines, which is bearing the brunt of Typhoon Koppu, with hundreds of thousands of people being displaced.

The video was released to coincide with the climate talks in Paris, to, according to Eunice, "put more pressure on our leaders to take their negotiations seriously".

She hopes to travel to the Paris conference as part of The Global Call for Climate Action Project, which uses poetry to highlight issues surrounding climate change. You can see her entry here.

Check out more of Eunice's work here

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