[Watch] Everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable living

Rob Greenfield wants to teach you all about how to live a sustainable life.

The best bit is, he's turned the whole learning process into a series of engaging YouTube videos!

"The series follows my 4,700 mile bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bicycle where I lived out sustainability to the extreme."

Read our interview with Rob to learn about his incredible adventure!

I challenged myself to cycle across the USA and hold onto every piece of trash I created until I crossed the finish line. In one summer I created just 2 pounds of trash, about 200 times less than the average American!
- Rob Greenfield

"The episodes are food, waste, water, transportation, and energy and all of them inform on the issues revolving around these key aspects of sustainability in an inspirational and fun way. Each video ends with how the viewer can be a part of the solution and I think it will inspire people to actually do something! Overall it's pretty uplifting rather than doom and gloom."

"By the end of the 5 episodes the viewers will know the basics behind sustainable living and what they can do to live more sustainably without going to the extremes I did to demonstrate it."

Check out the first few videos below!

Rob's message to the 1 Million Women community:

"With so many negative things happening on earth right now it could be quite easy to be negative and pessimistic about things. This I believe is what keeps many, many women and men from making positive changes in their lives and in turn making positive changes on Earth. But I believe that every life matters and is special and that's what keeps me going every single day. Because if each day I can have a positive impact on just one life whether it's human or another species that we share the earth with then that was a day worth living."

"So I encourage all of you to make those positive changes in your life so that you can lead by example and inspire other people to live for the benefit of the earth, our communities, and ourselves. A great benefit to this mission is also that you may find a deep level of purpose and passion in life that will also accompany you with great levels of happiness and health. You will never know the positivity that you've spread when you choose this path in life."

Images: Rob Greenfield

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