[VIDEO] The REAL cost of cheap fashion

Sometimes we're not sure what we are buying into, but this vending machine made people choose between a cheap sweat-shop shirt, and donating to charity. After seeing this video, the decision was easy.

Fashion Revolution Day was on the 24th April this year, and was created to raise awareness of sweat-shop factories using unethical and unsustainable practices to produce cheap clothing. This vending machine was just one of the ways it went about creating awareness. In my opinion this is right on point: "People care when they know." Movements like Fashion Revolution cast light on issues like these, and take down the 'out of sight, out of mind' barrier that is often adopted by consumers. 1MW paid tribute to this day by acknowledging the labels we wore!

Help incite change, learn about your fashion labels, buy from companies recognised for their ethical and sustainable clothing production lines, with traceability from the growing of the cotton up, and spread awareness of this issue!

What you can do

Think green when you buy fabrics, fashion and accessories

Choosing the right low-impact fabrics, buying for quality and durability, and reusing and swapping clothes are all ways to cut CO2 pollution.

990 Tonnes of CO2
savings pledged
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