[VIDEO] This Is EXACTLY How Climate-Change Deniers Sound To Normal People

Hilarious and terrifyingly accurate!

Girl Pants Productions have created a video that nails how well climate change denial arguments hold up in situations such as: driving a car, listening to music and tackling a raging fire.

There is a serious side to all the fun folks.

Canadian author and influencer Naomi Klein, says climate science denial is prevalent in English-speaking countries with a 'powerful frontier mentality' such as Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.

With 97% of climate scientists concluding that humans are the root cause of global warming leading to climate change, there is little controversy in the scientific community – the challenge is convincing those outside of it.

The University of Queensland even created an online course earlier this year called "Making Sense of Climate Change Denial", which more than 12,000 people from 150 countries signed up for.

President Barack Obama said recently the time for denial is long past.

"The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past," he told delegates to an international conference on climate change in the Arctic.

"The time to plead ignorance is surely past. Those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone, they are on their own shrinking island."​
- Obama

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