This video about the adventures of a strawberry is strangely emotional

You wouldn't expect a strawberry to play the lead in an emotional ad, but that's just what the US's Natural Resources Defense Council has done in their new "Save the Food," campaign.

The ad shows the journey of a humble strawberry from its life on the farm to its new life in the supermarket, and eventually the fridge of an American family.

Feeling a bit teary after that? I'm certainly motivated to go home and reassure my fruit that I'll get around to turning them into a delicious crumble this weekend!

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Why you should care about food waste

Food waste has been on our minds ever since we watched John Oliver's incredible rant on why waste is against all logic in a world where food insecurity and starvation is a very real reality for many.

Food waste has a whole lot to do with attitude. You could take the approach that because your bananas have some brown spots, or the onion has started sprouting in the cupboard, you'll throw them away. But why would you when you could mash up those bananas and make some banana pumpkin bread, or turn that onion into the perfect topping for these heavenly sweet potatoes?

You could reject those misshaped carrots and lumpy parsnips at the supermarket, but why not invest in the "ugly" vegetables to slash your spending and save the planet? Nobody will know they were strangely shaped when they're finely chopped and combined in this hearty soup.

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Tips for reducing food waste

Only buy what you need! Make a plan of what you're going to cook before you go shopping to ensure that you avoid produce meeting the same fate as our friend the strawberry.

Barter any leftover produce you have with these helpful tips!

Turn any old produce and kitchen scraps into cleaning materials or make your own compost bin and your garden will love you forever!

Use up your leftover veggies with this hearty soup! You can use almost anything in this vegetable free-for-all, which means waste doesn't have to be a word in your vocabulary.

Grow your own veggies with our helpful cheat sheet.

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