Save 1 Million Kilograms Through Sharing

1 Million Kilograms: Save money and the planet through sharing

Did you know, over 4 trillion kilograms of waste is sent to landfill each year.  Sadly this waste is made up of a lot of really useful items like clothes, toys and books. Now imagine if we could do something useful with them.  If 1 million women each reused just 1 kilogram of clothing we would have a huge impact:
  • We would save 1 million kgs of landfill
  • We would avoid approximately 10 billion litres of water and 8 million kgs of carbon dioxide
  • We would collectively save millions of dollars
That’s why 1MW has partnered with sharing platform TuShare to help our members get and give things away for free – avoiding landfill by helping one another. TuShare is a place to share things you no longer need with your friends. In return you can find heaps of useful items for free or just the cost of postage. You can pick things up for free, or TuShare can even arrange a courier service to deliver it door-to-door – no fuss.

Australian's produce over 18 millions tonnes of rubbish every year!

What does 18 millions tonnes of rubbish look like? Well 18 million tonnes is… - The amount of rice and wheat India, the second largest exporter in the WORLD, reportedly exported in 2013/14… - The amount of excess body weight the world reportedly had in 2012. - 18 million Holden 1979 1 tonne utes. - 321,426,571 full rubbish bags (if using a standard 56 litre bag from coles).

Give and get stuff for free!

TuShare and 1 Million Women have partnered to create a special 1MW sharing group on TuShare. When you join this group you will not only be able to see what other groups members are giving away, but you will get advanced wish list alerts on items given away by others – giving you the chance to request things first. And as a special offer to our members, every 1 Million Women member that signs up will get a free bonus stamp every time they send something by the post until the end of June next year – these stamps can be used to pay for postage from friends far away. Giving things to others has been proven to make us happier – so join us on TuShare and be part of the reuse revolution.

How does it work?

TuShare makes it easy to give things that you no longer need to your friends and neighbours. It works in three simple steps:
  1. Simply become a TuShare member here .  You will be asked to join the 1 Million Women group and will be part of the team working to reach 1 million kilograms.  Together we can make a real difference to the environment, help each other and save oodles of money.
  2. List items you no longer need and are willing to give away to new homes.
  3. TuShare will connect you with the people in your network who want these items.  In the meantime you can browse and request things that others are also giving away for free.  You can even create a wish list so that you receive alerts when things become available.
  4. If someone wants your item they will send you a request over TuShare .  They can choose to pick it up from your or TuShare can arrange a door-to-door courier service to pick it up for them – no fuss.
Even better, TuShare weighs all items as they are posted, so keeps track of how much landfill you are avoiding and how much you are reusing. JOIN THE 1 MILLION WOMEN TUSHARE GROUP
Join 5000 Shares … Australia’s first ever Flash Sharing event! Tushare's challenge is to share 5000 things over 5 days and we want you to join by committing to share 5 things. From Global Sharing Day on the 1st June, to World Environment Day on the 5th June, TuShare is hosting Australia’s first ever Flash Share. What’s a flash share? Well, essentially it’s like a flash mob only that instead of busting your moves in public, you get to share things you no longer want with people who’ll love them at the same time that thousands of other fab people are sharing theirs too! You can sign up to the 5000 Shares Challenge here! And because so many people will be sharing so many great things, you never know what you’ll find on TuShare! « Take me back