The tree of 40 fruits is Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein combined with about everything fantastic

Imagine a tree. But not just any tree.

A tree that has all of your favourite fruits on it – apples, plums, apricots – up to forty different varieties of vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours… mmm fruit…

San Van Aken is a (genius) Artist from Seattle who has made such a tree, The Mother of all trees!

Well done, Sam.

Like we didn't already have enough reasons to LOVE trees, now we want a tree of 40 fruits in our backyards.

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Making this heavenly tree wasn't an easy process. It's taken Sam years of planning and solid effort using a horticulture technique called chip budding, or grafting.

This involves taking a chip or branch off a tree and attaching it into the open slit of another different tree, then wrapping it in plastic. The two branches heal and merge together.

“When I’d seen it done as a child, it was Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein and just about everything fantastic,”
- Sam Van Aken

It certainly is fantastic.

Check out Sam and his genius tree inventions below -

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