Tips from the 1 Million Women community on reducing food waste

1 Million Women want to know what your Nana says when it comes to reducing food waste.

My Nana Says is 1 Million Women’s latest national campaign, being launched to encourage young women to reduce how much food they waste by sharing tips that have come from their groovy grannies, In Australia, every one in five shopping bags of food gets wasted.

That’s about four million tonnes of perfectly good food going to waste each year. This would have been unheard of when our Nanas were girls. Reducing food waste can have an estimated CO2 saving of 100Kg per household, per year! It’s such an easy step towards shrinking our carbon footprint.

Share your Nana’s best tip or recipe for reducing food waste to be in the running to win a beautiful day of pampering, styling and photo shoot with the two of you!

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My 70 year old mum died last week, but she could make a meal out of anything: shepherd's pie from left-over lamb, chicken pie from the roast chicken, corn beef fritters from the corned beef, curried turkey from the Xmas roast. She even made a special fried rice if there was leftover chicken, ham and bacon that was to die for. I have learned from the best!

My mum would tell me and my sis if we didn't eat our food the monster would eat it and would eat all our food and we would starve. Worked a treat, I still can't leave the table at home or at restaurants without eating or saving everything. I even boil free range chicken carcas into stock to make soups. Needless to say I've kept the monster at bay.

Don't leave the table untill you have finished whats on your plate.

Every bit of scraps and left over vegetables went in the soup!

When we were young, we loved 'special breakfast', which was basically milk thickened with cornflour with cocoa or other flavouring added. It wasn't until I was grown-up that my mum told me that was what she made for us when there was nothing else to eat for breakfast.

I took all the fish bones home for a friend's BBQ tonight to turn them into stock and not waste them. My Grandmère always made use of bones for stock!

At the end of every week before shopping, a fruit salad and a stir fry to use up any left over or damaged fruit and veg. And all scraps go to compost.

Grow your own food - harvest only what is required - and after such effort who would waste it??

My mum keeps the bones from a cooked chicken and re-cooks them to make chicken broth for soup. She keeps leftover hot potato chips, cuts them up to put in stew or soup.


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