These DIY dinosaur planters will turn your home into a mini Jurassic Park

Don't just chuck out old toys. Repurpose them!


Toy dinosaurs (I bought these for 50c each from an op shop). Be sure to get ones that are hollow in the middle (you can work this out by squeezing them!)

Soil or potting mix

A variety of succulent cuttings: Learn how to grow succulents from cuttings here!

Scissors and/or craft knife


Taking your craft knife and scissors, CAREFULLY cut a hold in the back of your toys about 5cm long and 3cm wide. (Do NOT let a child do this unsupervised) This is where your plants will go!

Fill will soil, compacting it with your finger as you go. When you're done, dampen the soil using a little water. This will help your plants to take root.

Add some plant cuttings. I found that keeping the hole flat was easier that having the toy standing up, as often the plants won't grow horizontally until they have taken root.

When you have placed all your plant cuttings, water it gently (I used a spray bottle of water) and place in a sunny spot for at last a week before moving. This is to allow the cuttings to develop roots that will help them to hold on when you place the toy upright.

And why stick to just dinosaurs? Let all of the animals join in!

They look AWESOME in the 1 Million Women office!

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