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How To Zero-Waste Your Period

Single-use tampons and pads use heaps of resources and chemicals to manufacture, and take longer to degrade in a landfill than our lifespan. What are the alternatives?


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July is almost over but the plastic free revolution is still going strong


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How Can We Teach Our Children To Reduce Their Waste?

Kids are always in need of more things and have barely any grasp on how this affects the environment, this is how we can change their mindset.


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Raising Zero Waste Heroes

These six strategies can help to raise zero waste heroes (mindful consumers) and maintain harmony in the home.


Forget Recycling. Here’s How To Live Zero Waste In 3 Simple Steps

Recycling less may in fact help us to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


Zero Waste Boozy Banana Cake Recipe

This banana cake recipe uses the peel and all! a delicious treat to end any dinner party


Chickpea Brine Is Our New Favourite Egg Replacement: Here Is Why

Aquafaba is the new egg replacement taking the world by storm that has been in our cupboards this whole time!