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Tree-Planting Programs: Here’s Why We Need To Grow Trees, Not Just Plant Them!

Donating your time or money to tree-planting initiatives can be a rewarding way to tackle climate change, but here are some things to understand and research before you go barking up the wrong tree!


Blue trees for a green planet

This artist creates blue forests for a good cause


Bhutan Plants 108,000 Trees To Celebrate Birth Of Their Prince

What a planet-strong way to welcome a newborn!


[How to] Ethically dispose of your Christmas tree

“Christmas trees are an important symbol in our festivities over Christmas and the New Year providing joy to all, but they are a resource that can keep on giving.”


Woman spends over a decade searching for the world's most ancient trees

and the end result is stunning.


This children’s book grows into a tree when you plant it

Incredible design teaches kids the meaning of caring for our planet


The tree of 40 fruits is Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein combined with about everything fantastic

Imagine a tree that has all of your favourite fruits on it – apples, plums, apricots – up to forty different varieties


The trees of Melbourne are exchanging cute correspondence with residents

Residents of Melbourne have been sending emails to their local trees, and in some cases, the trees email back!


The 3200 year old tree, so big it has never been photographed in its entirety.. until now!

National Geographic photographers have captured a rare sight, a 3,200-year-old tree, that has never been photographed before...