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Think The World’s In A Mess? Here Are Four Things You Can Do About It

How can you make any difference? There are actually numerous ways you can engage politically – as often as every day


Four Environmental Reasons Why Fast-Tracking The Carmichael Coal Mine Is A Bad Idea

Queensland's planned new coal mine could impact the climate, the Great Barrier Reef, water, and local species. Yet still it has been declared as 'critical infrastructure' by the state government.


No, Cutting Your Car’s Carbon Emissions Won’t Cost You More

Carbon dioxide standards for cars are the cheapest way to cut emissions.


There Are Bright Spots Among The World’s Coral Reefs – The Challenge Is To Learn From Them

Sometimes it pays to look on the bright side.


Arctic Birds Face Disappearing Breeding Grounds As Climate Warms

Arctic migrants such as the Sanderling face an uncertain future.


A Marine Heatwave Has Wiped Out A Swathe Of WA’s Undersea Kelp Forest

The 2011 heatwave hit kelp forests hard along a long stretch of WA coast.


Power To The People: How Communities Can Help Meet Our Renewable Energy Goals

Community renewable energy (CRE) may have a key role to play in achieving emissions targets.


Catholic Church Begins To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Australian Catholic groups are answering Pope Francis's calls to action.


Election 2016: do we need to re-establish a department of climate change?

John Howard established Australia’s first standalone climate agency in 1998, the Australian Greenhouse Office. Six years later, it had been merged into the then Department of the Environment and Heritage. Is it time to bring it back to life?