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This South Pacific Island Of Rubbish Shows Why We Need To Quit Our Plastic Habit

Researchers have found nearly 38 million pieces of plastic rubbish on Henderson Island, one of the most remote islands on the planet.


Ten Years After The Crisis, What Is Happening To The World’s Bees?

Since we realised that bees are disappearing, have we managed to take proper action to save them from extinction?


French And Australian Experts On Solving The World’s Sustainability Challenge

The Conversation asked French and Australian experts what they consider to be the major challenges to overcome in transitioning to a more sustainable world.


Can Art Put Us In Touch With Our Feelings About Climate Change?

Perhaps thought-provoking art can help us come to terms with our changing world, by finding new ways to engage, inform and hopefully inspire action.


After 25 Years Of Trying, Why Aren’t We Environmentally Sustainable Yet?

After decades of international agreements, national policies, state laws and local plans, shouldn't we be more environmentally sustainable?


Recycling Can Be Confusing, But It’s Getting Simpler

A lot of questions about recycling answered.


Leo's 'Before the Flood': What Is It Missing?

DiCaprio’s documentary calls for a green future, but his vision isn’t radical enough


The Environment Will Pay for the Trump Wall, Too

The Trump Wall is going to have significant costs to the environment.


Is It Time To Ditch Your Car?

While we own more cars than ever before, we’re actually using them less.