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The White House and the Blue Planet

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the 2016 United States of America President-elect, Donald John Trump, Sr; a figure of despair for not only women and immigrants, the LGBT community and people of colour, but also Mother Earth herself.


​Youth Vote: What do our young people care about?

18 to 24-year-olds have the worst number of voter enrolments in our country, so how can we engage them?


Election 2016: Why has climate change disappeared from the Australian election radar?

It is looking ever-more likely that climate change is to be placed way down the order of business – at least for the major parties.


Election 2016: do we need to re-establish a department of climate change?

John Howard established Australia’s first standalone climate agency in 1998, the Australian Greenhouse Office. Six years later, it had been merged into the then Department of the Environment and Heritage. Is it time to bring it back to life?


Why young people don’t vote (and why that needs to change)

Here's why you need to start taking advantage of your democratic right to have a voice


Labor’s phased emissions trading scheme

Labor has announced a six point climate change strategy, aimed at increasing renewable energy use, improving energy efficiency and transitioning away from old and inefficient coal power stations.


Election 2016: climate politics off to a chilly start, but could still heat up

Environmental groups are pushing hard to ensure that climate change will not be forgotten in the election.


This election is our last chance to save the Great Barrier Reef

This might be ourr last chance to put in place a plan that will save the reef


Australian Federal Election 2016: Where your candidates stand

How do Turnbull, Shorten and Di Natale rate on environment and gender equality issues?