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How To Ditch Plastic Bin Liners

Here are some different ways we can get around using plastic bin liners.


Millions Of Face Masks Are Being Thrown Away During COVID-19. Here’s How To Choose The Best One For The Planet

So let’s look at how face masks might be designed to cause minimal harm to the environment, while still doing their job – and which type is best for you.


Repurpose Your Plastic Waste: How To Make Your Own Ecobricks And Use Them

Globally over 27,000 KG of plastic has been diverted from landfill and turned into over 78,000 bricks!


Recycled Plastic Clothing: Friend or Foe?

Recycled plastic clothing utilises resources already a part of the waste stream, recycling industrial plastic waste, fabric, plastic bottles and fishing nets, keeping those materials out of oceans and landfill.


Avoiding Single-Use Plastic Was Becoming Normal, Until Coronavirus. Here's How We Can Return To Good Habits

The good news is we can return to our plastic-avoiding habits. It just might look a little a different.


No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference: This Climate Activist Took Spring Cleaning To A Whole New Level

I wanted to do something that would make my daily walk really worthwhile so I grabbed my gloves and a bag before heading out to the familiar streets.


Can You Help Stop Contact Lens Pollution?

Almost 800 million contact lenses are used every year in the UK alone, that’s a huge amount of plastic going down the drain.


From the Land to the Sea – How what we throw away ends up in the ocean

A few EASY things we can do on the daily to reduce our waste and save our oceans!