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Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just The Unratified Paris Treaty?

Has the Paris Treaty brought us any closer to real action on climate change?


Signing the Paris Climate Agreement is easy – what comes next for Australia will be hard

Australia will be one of more than 160 nations formally signing the Paris climate agreement in New York this week. But delivering on those promises is what really counts.


Cities of tomorrow: There’s more to Paris than baguettes and cobble-stones

Ahh Paris, you cobble-stoned, baguette filled, historic beauty, you. No wonder you’re known as the city of love. But rumour has it, you’re turning into a city of eco-innovation and sustainable planning too.


Indigenous groups hold a healing ceremony for Paris terror attacks and climate change

In a beautiful show of solidarity, indigenous groups hold a healing ceremony for Paris


Thousands of empty shoes are left in place of cancelled Paris climate march

The global climate march in Paris was cancelled - but something beautiful has happened.


Paris on the ground: How the city of love is increasing green spaces

In the lead up to COP 21 we take a look at how the city is becoming more sustainable.


Six Signs The Climate Is Right For A Paris Agreement

This is our movement. This is our moment. Here are six indicators the tide is turning on climate change – just in time for negotiations in Paris.


According to the World Bank, global warming could push 100 million people into extreme poverty

The connection between climate change and poverty, often overlooked, is now spelled out more plainly than ever before in a new report by the World Bank.


Australia commits to decarbonising the global economy

Turnbull government steps up to the challenge of fighting climate change ahead of Paris conference