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The end of coal is coming 3 times faster than expected. Governments must accept it and urgently support a ‘just transition’

Coal is likely to be completely gone from Victoria’s electricity system by 2032 with most other parts of Australia not far behind, a report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) declared last week.


What’s Your Vision For A Better World? Get Inspired With This Reading List

We’re all imaging and planning ways that we can create a better world


How To Write A Letter To Your Elected Representative About Building Back Better

For real change to happen, we need to make our voices heard by those in power.


Our World Needs A Just And Green Recovery: What Can We Do To Make It A Reality?

It seems a no-brainer to seize this opportunity to infuse our economic recovery from the fallout caused by coronavirus with real and long term climate solutions to address the issues simultaneously.


The Fall of the Oil Industry: Is This Our Moment?

It’s in times of uncertainty when we are best positioned for bold and creative transformations


Coal Mines Can Be Closed Without Destroying Livelihoods – Here’s How

Moving away from fossil fuels such as coal is central to achieving emissions targets and it doesn’t have to create huge social unrest.


Inside Liddell: Our Visit To A Coal Fired Power Station

We saw first hand what goes into keeping a coal fired power station running, and why time is running out for Liddell.


A Guide To Having A Conversation With A Climate Denier: Part 1

What you want to aim to do when talking to a climate denier, and how you want to say it.