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More Australians Want Climate Action Now Than Before The Carbon Tax

Concern about the climate is far more widespread now than it was five years ago.


‚ÄčNative American Tribe Speaks Out About Climate Change

"The Earth is speaking, but man won't listen"


When did we discover global warming?

Scientists have been warning Congress about global warming for decades


Election 2016: climate politics off to a chilly start, but could still heat up

Environmental groups are pushing hard to ensure that climate change will not be forgotten in the election.


Sea-level rise has claimed five whole islands in the Pacific: first scientific evidence

Sea-level rise, erosion and coastal flooding are some of the greatest challenges facing humanity from climate change.


US firms knew about global warming in 1968

Turns out we've been ignoring the signs for decades


Journey to Kiribati: Women visit island nation to learn about climate change

When these women were invited to the tiny island nation of Kiribati, they knew that they would be heading to the frontline of the battle against climate change


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What if you could look into the lives of people all around the world to see how global warming affects them?


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The Hidden Cost Of Meat To Your Health And The Planet