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IPCC finds the world has its best chance yet to slash emissions – if it seizes the opportunity

The world has its best chance yet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly, but hard and fast cuts are needed across all sectors and nations to hold warming to safe levels, the global authority on climate change says.


Green technology, the push for a brighter future

We take a look at some inventions and new technologies that are having a positive impact on the environment


Why we need to nurture our farmers (and how to do it)

Australian agriculture is well placed to play a leading role in championing practices and technologies essential for a more sustainable and greener production system


Cities of tomorrow: There’s more to Paris than baguettes and cobble-stones

Ahh Paris, you cobble-stoned, baguette filled, historic beauty, you. No wonder you’re known as the city of love. But rumour has it, you’re turning into a city of eco-innovation and sustainable planning too.


How we will eat in the future (and why it’s so important for our health and the planet)

And no, it's not going to be just 3D printed burgers and Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum


The road beyond Paris: getting to zero emissions

With many countries making increasingly bold commitments to climate action, how can we make good on these promises?


Sustainable cities of the future: What will tomorrow look like when it comes to environmentally friendly building?

Awesome architecture and clever design for a better planet


Educating for sustainability: why teaching the next generation to look after the planet is vital for our survival

The future is bright if we can inspire our young people to act sustainably


[Paris 2015] A vision of hope for the planet

“It’s a future that is techier, cooler, desirable, healthier, and therefore a very exciting journey”