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Australia’s "Gas Fired Recovery" Would Destroy More Indigenous Land

Here’s how you can call on the Australian Government to stop plans to frack the NT.


Four Indigenous Organisations Fighting Fossil Fuels That We Can All Support Right Now

Indigenous people have been fighting to protect our planet for centuries. We can help by listening to what they've got to say and supporting them.


Australia has it’s own Dakota pipeline story, and it’s happening right now

Northern Territory Traditional Owners, whose land is being targeted for the proposed gas pipeline, walked out of a joint Central and Northern Land Council meeting.


[Watch] Mark Ruffalo tells David Cameron to Frack Off

Actor Mark Ruffalo calls on the UK prime minister to abandon his push on fracking and leave fossil fuels in the ground.


[Update] Residents can now sue oil companies for damages resulting from quakes

Landmark court ruling in Oklahoma gives power to the people!


[UPDATE] Yup, humans are now causing earthquakes

New proof that fracking is causing the ground to shake in the US


VIDEO: Fracking explained in five minutes!

We talk a lot about fracking, but what is it all about? Learn about fracking in five minutes flat.


People in Texas can set their water on fire

It's called 'Fire Water', and its now in their drinking water because of nearby fracking.


Oklahoma Shaking: Fracking might have something to do with the Oklahoma earthquakes

US State officials have cracked down on fracking due to the sharp increase in seismic activity.