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Can We Ever Truly Be Conscious Consumers? Or Is The Very Idea A Contradiction?

Is there such a thing as conscious consumerism - a type of consuming that doesn’t harm the planet or people? Or is the very nature of consumerism damaging? Let’s take a look.


This Spanish Organisation Is Using Eco-Tourism To Raise Climate Awareness

What if we could combine tourism and sustainability, raise awareness about climate change when people travel and invest in more sustainable transportation?


We Chatted To An Expert On How the Climate Emergency and COVID Are Linked. Here's What They Said.

“Climate change is just the symptom of the mismanagement of our planet and our home.”


The Environment Will Pay for the Trump Wall, Too

The Trump Wall is going to have significant costs to the environment.


Queensland government chooses reef over beef in landmark purchase

In an move that has been described as unprecedented the Queensland government have bought a cattle farm to help preserve the reef


Is soy bad for the planet?

Everything that we consume has an environmental footprint, so we take a look at how soy can impact the world (and your health)


Mother nature and motherhood: Dara Herman Zierlein's powerful artworks

“I am hoping my paintings bring about awareness and change in social and human behaviour.”


Is animal rights an environmental issue?

What’s the connection between people, the planet and our fellow creatures?


4 books that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint

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