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Why Learning About The Gas Industry Broke My Heart And What I’m Doing About It

This has been a gut wrenching blog to research. I now feel so strongly opposed to this industry and feel betrayed that our government in Australia can even consider a 'gas led recovery' from Covid-19. But I'm doing something about it, and you can too.


Australia Listened To The Science On Coronavirus. Imagine If We Did The Same For Coal Mining

Australian governments listened to the science when it needed to flatten the curve of COVID-19. The same approach is needed if we’re to preserve the places we love and the ecosystems we depend on.


3 Types Of People Who Need To Know About This Energy Company

If you're one of these three people, we think there's a particular energy company that you're really going to love, and that's DC Power Co.


French And Australian Experts On Solving The World’s Sustainability Challenge

The Conversation asked French and Australian experts what they consider to be the major challenges to overcome in transitioning to a more sustainable world.


CO2 Scoundrel To Green Superpower: China Takes The Lead

China now stands at the helm of a worldwide photovoltaic revolution, building the world's largest solar farm in the western province of Qinghai.


What Producing My Own Energy Has Taught Me About Consumption

How producting my own energy taught me more about reducing my usage.


Here’s why you shouldn’t keep your roof rack on your car 24/7

How much energy are your roof racks costing you?


Fast facts about animal agriculture to help you get informed

What impacts do animal farming and livestock production have on our planet? We sort the fact from the fiction


Let there be light - How one start up brightens poor communities.

Millions of people do not have access to electricity. One Philippines-based startup is trying to change that - with SALt.