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Why vote independent?

The Australian Federal election campaign is in full swing, ahead of us voting at the polls on 21st May. Amongst all of the debates, political ads, posters and pamphlets, you may have noticed that this year there are A LOT of Independent candidates - i.e. candidates that are not associated ...


The election showed Australia’s huge appetite for stronger climate action. What levers can the new government pull?

The next three years will be challenging economically and politically. But the transformation wrought by the election has opened up the possibility of a similar transformation of climate policy. With bold action, a bright future awaits.


I want my vote to count for nature: how do the major parties stack up?

Protecting biodiversity isn’t just about the niceties of saving cute and cuddly animals. It’s about maintaining our health and prosperity, productive agriculture and liveable cities. So let’s take a closer look at political party promises, and whether they’re enough to turn things around for Australia’s threatened species.


​Youth Vote: What do our young people care about?

18 to 24-year-olds have the worst number of voter enrolments in our country, so how can we engage them?


Why young people don’t vote (and why that needs to change)

Here's why you need to start taking advantage of your democratic right to have a voice


Election 2016: climate politics off to a chilly start, but could still heat up

Environmental groups are pushing hard to ensure that climate change will not be forgotten in the election.


Where do the US Presidential candidates stand on renewable energy?

We take a look at which politicians support a cleaner, greener future


Just how shocking are Trump's environmental views?

Check out this chart to compare the views of U.S. Presidential candidates


Bernie Sanders: “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism"

US candidate stands by his statement that this world issues are connected