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Taking Inspiration From Biophilic Design: How You Can Bring Nature Into Your Home

With a rise in urbanity in the modern era, many people are feeling the need to reconnect with nature, and biophilic design is an answer to that problem.


How would you like to live in a totally self-sustaining village?

A neighbourhood that grows its own food, recycles its water and generates energy for homes


​Amazing innovations transforming plastic waste into a useful resource

Check out some of the incredible ways people around the world are turning trash into treasure


​5 Cool Ideas for a Sustainable Future

Pineapple leather, ATMs that dispense water, building with CO2 and other amazing ideas from Sustainia100 2016


​This village is made out of plastic bottles

Turning rubbish into homes


Grumpy Turtles: Harriet Spark is on a mission to give a voice to our ocean creatures

“The more I learned about climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing the more I wanted to create change.”


You can now charge your phone using a pot plant

Plant-lovers rejoice!


Incredible Alternatives To Plastic Inspired By Nature

Say goodbye to planet-polluting plastics thanks to these amazing inventions!


Grow your own bicycle: This African company is making bikes out of bamboo!

Zambikes is creating lightweight bicycles with frames made out of locally grown bamboo