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Planet Savers: What 3.3% of our Forests are Doing to Save Earth

We have spoken about the importance of ending deforestation before but what exactly are our forests currently doing for the planet to fight the climate crisis? Turns out… a whole lot.


How Deforestation Contributes to the Climate Crisis And What is Being Done To Stop It

Deforestation is the intentional clearing of forests for purposes such as land clearing for cattle, farming, mining, drilling, and agriculture. There is an inherent problem here - Habitat destruction. This leaves wildlife vulnerable and prone to desperation, moving into areas for food that are already occupied by us


Tree-Planting Programs: Here’s Why We Need To Grow Trees, Not Just Plant Them!

Donating your time or money to tree-planting initiatives can be a rewarding way to tackle climate change, but here are some things to understand and research before you go barking up the wrong tree!

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Can We Feed The World And Stop Deforestation? Depends What’s For Dinner

Luckily for us, it is theoretically possible, and the easiest way to get there is by changing the way we eat.


This Mexican Village Is Using Fireflies To Stop Deforestation!

Dazzling displays of mating fireflies are generating more income than logging!


Why we're ditching Google for this tree planting search engine

Ecosia is a planet friendly search engine that seeks to combat the environmental impacts of deforestation


Not on the sustainable palm oil bandwagon yet? This might convince you.

Conflict palm oil is driving this incredible animal towards extinction