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Millions Of Face Masks Are Being Thrown Away During COVID-19. Here’s How To Choose The Best One For The Planet

So let’s look at how face masks might be designed to cause minimal harm to the environment, while still doing their job – and which type is best for you.


How We Can Bring The Climate Crisis Back Into The Spotlight To Prevent A Fossil Fuel-Led Recovery

We need to pressure all governments now to ensure a clean, green recovery free of fossil fuels. This is where you come in...


Hawaii Is Putting Women At The Centre Of Its Economic Recovery Plan. Here’s How.

The American State of Hawaii’s Commission on the Status of Women has proposed a new feminist economic recovery plan which seeks to deliver gender equality as we move forward through the coronavirus pandemic.


Are Reusables Still Safe To Use? These Scientists Say Yes

Nearly 130 scientists, academics and doctors from 19 countries signed a statement to reassure retailers and consumers that reusable and refillable items can still be used safely during the pandemic, as long as proper basic hygiene is employed.


How To Write A Letter To Your Elected Representative About Building Back Better

For real change to happen, we need to make our voices heard by those in power.


Our World Needs A Just And Green Recovery: What Can We Do To Make It A Reality?

It seems a no-brainer to seize this opportunity to infuse our economic recovery from the fallout caused by coronavirus with real and long term climate solutions to address the issues simultaneously.