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What Australia Has To Do To Meet IPCC Report Guidelines

Last week, the UN released a report written by 90 scientists that said we needed to see unprecedented changes if we want to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees. Here's what that means for Australia.


Climate Council: Climate, Health And Economics Are Against Carmichael Mine

Every reason the Carmichael Mine shouldn't go ahead.


You Can't Talk Coal Without Talking Climate Change

The Galilee Basin’s coal will “improve air quality and lower greenhouse gases” is the latest claim in support of a giant coal mine planned for Queensland, Australia. It seems unfathomable that in 2017 lines where politicians are spruiking that coal is “good for the environment” are still gaining airtime.


Ultra, super, clean coal power? We’ve heard it before

The idea of clean coal has been around for 40 years, but remains a pipe dream.


​Bob Brown vows to sit in the way of bulldozers to stop coal mine

This former Greens leader is willing to put himself on the line to prevent Carmichael


[Interview] Wendy Bowman - an extraordinary activist

1 Million Women Co-CEO Tara Hunt interviews living legend Wendy Bowman


Why is coal such a big issue?

The negative effects of the coal industry


The Minerals Council are trying to tell us that coal is isn't

#coalisamazing and the little black rock!


[Breaking] Federal Court has overturned approval of Adani Carmichael coal mine

Victory! Mackay Conservation Group just defeated Adani's Carmichael mega coal mine in court.