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Majority of Australians in favour of banning new coal mines: Lowy poll

​More than six in ten Australians – 63% – support a ban on new coal mines opening in Australia, according to the Lowy Institute's Climate Poll 2021.


Honest answers about 100% electric vehicles from our friends at Nissan Australia!

Next time you're having a conversation at the pub with EV sceptics, you can whip out the facts!


To Tackle The Climate Crisis We Need A Government That Will Do These Things

If we want to protect the planet’s ability to sustain life, we need a government that will prioritise reducing and drawing down GHG emissions.


How To Be Actively Optimistic In The Face of The Climate Crisis

We often receive messages from our community saying they are feeling down about climate change and we get it - it can get overwhelming. So we want to share with you some thoughts to help you choose optimism.


Affluence Is Killing The Planet, Warn Scientists

To put it bluntly: the rich do more harm than good.


Here's What The Coronavirus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Tackling Climate Change

we must draw on the lessons of coronavirus to address the climate challenge.


What is the IPCC And Why Does Everyone Talk About It?

The IPCC has been in the news a lot lately. We break down what it is and why it's important.


Young people Won’t Accept Inaction On Climate Change, And They’ll Be Voting In Droves

Youth enrolment is at a record high and climate change is at the forefront of young people’s minds as many of them head to the polls for the first time.


The Paris Climate Conference is also a conference for world peace

If we don’t make serious progress on climate action, what will it mean for peace in our world?