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Watch: The one mistake we make when talking about climate change

A great video about how we need to shift our climate change perception.


Paris wrap up: [Day one]

Fossil of the day is awarded, Australia gets a warning, and key leaders speak.


Climate Justice Advocates Say COP21 Mobilization in Paris More Important Than Ever

'We can think of few better responses to violence and terror than this movement's push for peace and hope.'


Riding the rollercoaster: The emotions of living in a changing climate

Climate change and its associated environmental, social and sustainability problems are part of the daily news cycle. It is now regarded as the greatest threat to humanity. So, the facts and figures are clear, but what about the feelings?


[Watch] What does climate change look like in Africa?

We look at the human side of climate change.


[Watch] The human impact of climate change: Stories from the US and Mexico

As part of Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, this video shows the cost of inaction.


[Watch] How did climate science become a matter of opinion?

A great video from Climate Reality in the lead up to COP 21


MIT students stage a sit-in to urge the university to divest from fossil fuels.

Students at MIT have staged a climate change protest. The sit-in which has support from Noam Chomsky call for the university to divest from fossil fuel investment.


The oceans are becoming too hot for coral, and sooner than we expected

Corals are experiencing only the third global bleaching event in recorded history, caused by warming seas. But worse is yet to come.