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Climate change can cause higher pollen counts.


Mark Ruffalo, Noam Chomsky and Sir David Attenborough Join Forces for Climate Change Documentary

​This has been a film 15 years in the making, but there has never been a more important time to release it.


Should The Fossil Fuel Industry Have A Seat At The Climate Negations Table?

The fossil fuel industry now seems poised for an inevitable burial, hopefully never to be dug up again. After years of unmitigated damage to the environment, relentless protests by climate change activists and civil society organizations from around the world finally seemed to have been afforded the gravitas the situation ...


In The Age Of Climate Change, I’ve Decided Not To Have Kids. Here’s Why.

Deciding against having a baby for environmental reasons is a drastic action, but it's a taboo topic that needs to at least be explored.


There Are Bright Spots Among The World’s Coral Reefs – The Challenge Is To Learn From Them

Sometimes it pays to look on the bright side.


Arctic Birds Face Disappearing Breeding Grounds As Climate Warms

Arctic migrants such as the Sanderling face an uncertain future.


Ten Stunning Images Of Marine Life Impacted By Climate Change

The ocean covers around 70% of our planet and just like land ecosystems, the sea faces huge threats from climate change.


Is It Time That We Stopped Calling Leo A Hypocrite?

No one is a perfect enviro-warrior, we're all doing our best however we can.


​What does it mean to "combat climate change"?

We take a look at one of our community's most frequently asked questions