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Reflections On Protecting And Loving Our Planet 1 Year On From The Black Summer Bushfires

The path to protecting our planet, is to love our planet.


Need A Mood Lift? We’ve Tracked 4 Ways Australia’s Environment Has Repaired Itself In 2020

Most of the country has started to bounce back from drought and fire. Here are four ways that’s happening.


Where Are They Now? The Stories Of The 119 Species Still In Danger After The Bushfires, And How To Help

Here, dozens of experts tell the stories of the 119 species most in need of help after our Black Summer.


This Indigenous-Led Organisation Is Preventing Future Fires With Traditional Knowledge

Firesticks is an Indigenous-led organisation helping fire-affected communities to heal, recover and re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management.


Australian Parents Share Bushfire Heartbreak With A Plea To Government: COVID-19 Recovery Must Be Climate-Focused

We want our leaders to support climate-positive projects.


Australia, You Have Unfinished Business. It's Time To Let Our 'Fire People' Care For This Land

Incorporating Aboriginal knowledge is essential to tackling future bushfire crises. But it risks perpetuating historical injustices, by appropriating Aboriginal knowledge without recognition or compensation.


After The Fires, A Reason For Optimism: Our Civic Engagement Has Never Been Higher

Like the green shoots emerging from the hundreds of thousands of singed hectares across our country, Australia’s institutions are strengthening.


Take Care When Examining The Economic Impact Of Fires. GDP Doesn't Tell The Full Story

GDP measures the positives brought about the recovery from disasters but leaves out some of the negatives caused by the destruction.


Fires In Our Heartlands: Words From 1MW Founder Natalie Isaacs

This is a climate catastrophe, and these are the consequences of global heating, scorching the places we love. These changes are not just a threat to future generations. They are a threat for all of us, and they're here and now.