Latest Bushfires posts


Indigenous rangers are burning the desert the right way – to stop the wrong kind of intense fires from raging

Dozens of Indigenous ranger groups have been hard at work burning to reduce the fuel load before the summer’s heat, here's why we need more of this.


Can We Share A Minute’s Silence For 3 Billion Animals?

We can use our love for these animals and our beautiful wild places that in turn sustain our health and wellbeing to achieve a safer climate for all animals including ourselves.


Helping Bushfire Affected Communities: Why We Need You To Come And Visit Us

These fires have been horrific and perhaps today or tomorrow isn't safe, but don't let it keep you away forever. Brave the cooler weather, take the money you would have spent on a flight to Bali and come to explore or just relax.


How To Help With The Australian Bushfires, From Anywhere Around The World

We've had lots of people ask us what they can do to help with the fires from outside Australia (and inside Australia), here are some organisations you can donate to, and actions you can take that help.


The Proof That Climate Change Is Here

The link between the current weather events and climate change is strong and undeniable. Global temperatures are on the rise and setting more and more high temperature records.


Australia’s climate in 2015: cool to start with a hot finish

El Niño dominated global climate in 2015, but in Australia the story was more complicated. 2015 was Australia's fifth warmest year on record, and saw the return of very dry conditions to parts of Australia.


How to prepare your home for a bushfire

Are you prepared for what's looking to be one of the hottest summers on record?