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Australian Federal Election 2016: Where your candidates stand

How do Turnbull, Shorten and Di Natale rate on environment and gender equality issues?


Direct Action not giving us bang for our buck on climate change

Direct Action is the centrepiece of Australia’s current greenhouse gas reduction efforts, but is it working?


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Cash for cans in NSW: Here’s what you need to know

Make some extra spending money by picking up old cans and bottles: 10¢ container deposit scheme to start in July 2017


Why we need to nurture our farmers (and how to do it)

Australian agriculture is well placed to play a leading role in championing practices and technologies essential for a more sustainable and greener production system


Queensland land clearing is undermining Australia’s environmental progress

The evidence is clear that we cannot continue to degrade our environment without severe consequences.


Australia sinks on 'most credible' environmental index in the world

The 2016 Yale Environmental Performance index shows a decline in Australia's environmental performance.


New factsheet reveals how Australia’s current environmental targets are in need of improvement

Australia gets a rather embarrassing scorecard