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Artist creates beautiful sculptures inspired by the ugly issues of climate change

“I hope that more artists become inspired by these subjects and start to tackle the huge topics that are out there.”


Clever illustrations show the link between everyday habits and climate change

“We always blame big corporations, huge factories and so on but we often forget that we are the ones that consume their goods and are the reason why they exist.”


Creativity inspiring climate action: how creative people can make a difference

What are the links between climate action, education and creativity?


What if your shower kicked you out when you were wasting water?

This female artist dreams up the ultimate revenge for the person in your life who takes forever in the shower!


We caught up with artist Kevina-Jo Smith to chat about protecting the environment and hope for the future

“It’s motivating to not feel alone against global issues.”


Artist Kim Simonsson creates fairy-tale worlds that show the beauty of nature

Meet the "moss people" inspired by a childhood in the countryside of Finland


Community turns beach waste into stunning sculptures

Check out these incredible artworks made from plastic washed up on the beach


This photographer uses her camera to fight climate change

Arwen Dyer is "a wild woman with a camera trying to collect images to help this land speak to people who would harm it"


Artist Kate Powell on women, climate change and protecting our planet

"Climate change always seemed like a very distant, abstract and alien problem which I naively thought was none of my business"