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The Gorgeous Drawings of Grant Snider Will Inspire You To Appreciate Nature

“I think having a deep connection to the natural world is important for happiness.”


Blue trees for a green planet

This artist creates blue forests for a good cause


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COP21 Update: Art and Activism

The Paris Climate summit is far from a series of talks between world leaders. We look at how it's playing out on the streets.


Artists Are Protesting Corporate Sponsorship Of The UN Climate Talks With Fake Ads All Over Paris.

Artist collective Brandalism has taken over the streets of Paris with a mass (anti) marketing campaign.


Artist creates beautiful sculptures inspired by the ugly issues of climate change

“I hope that more artists become inspired by these subjects and start to tackle the huge topics that are out there.”


Clever illustrations show the link between everyday habits and climate change

“We always blame big corporations, huge factories and so on but we often forget that we are the ones that consume their goods and are the reason why they exist.”